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 These patent pending gloves  will absorb sweat, provide a secure non-slip Stick-e® grip on mats and workout equipment while leaving the fingers free for full dexterity and tactile function.  

They are the only glove utilizing our exclusive smooth non-slip Stick-e® grip on mats and workout equipment for better grip and comfort.  They're also  fingerless for full dexterity and tactile function, comfort and safety.  No longer will sweating and slipping be a problem!  

Use the entire back of the glove to wipe the sweat off your brow and neck! Like having an attached towel!

Great for cycling classes and cardio equipment!  They'll absorb sweat, stick, and provide a barrier from shared equipment!

One Size.  



Stick-e® Gloves are also perfect for anyone using a mobility device such as a walker, cane or crutches.  Elderly people also benefit from the thermal and protective properties of the gloves.    

People suffering from nerve and muscle impairment including MS, strokes, Parkinsons,  arthritis and fibromyalgia also benefit from additional grippiness the gloves provide.   

Stick-e® Gloves, help protect the skin from wear and tear, help maintain warmth, and provide for a non-slip surface to assist with better gripping.  The exposed fingers enable the wearer to continue to use the fingertips for everything from operating a remote control, telephone, keyboard, turning the page on a book to sewing.   All of these features help provide for a safer, healthier and higher quality of life.

  Non-slip Grip gloves with cut out  fingers                Non-slip Grip gloves with cut out  fingers for walkers and mobility devicesNon-slip Grip gloves with cut out  fingers for walkers and mobility devices



"Great working with them. Used the stick-e gloves and socks the next day and it was great compared to all the issues before with slipping. I love the products."  Amber Lee, 2/13/09 

"Dear Libby ....  We met at Body Mind and Spirit.  I love my gloves, thanks for creating a great product!"  Amy Bloom, Pilates Method Alliance  2/22/11

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Yoga Fingerless nonsllip gloves     Yoga Fingerless nonsllip gloves