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Stick-e®  Yoga Mat…with adjustable LassoTM strap!                          Bookmark and Share

The original Stick-e® mat featuring alignment lines is the best non-slip, light weight yoga mat.  With its Stick-e® RidgesTM and cushy feel, this mat was designed to stick! This patent pending mat also features the original Yoga LassoTM strap!  

It is the only Yoga mat with an attachable/detachable Yoga LassoTM strap to:

  • Keep rolled mat contained and easily carried on shoulder
  • Hang mat in shower for washing or hang to air dry (patent pending with feature)* 
  • Help with stretching, more difficult poses, and improving performance

The mat is reversible with black on one side and blue on the other with alignment lines to help with proper body positioning. The Stick-e® yoga mat is:

  • Longer,  72"
  • Thicker, 6mm
  • Super lightweight, 2.5 lbs
  • Stick-e® RidgesTM, provide slip-less floor grip

Bacteria and mildew can develop on mats that are not dryed thoroughly before being rolled. Our Yoga Stick-e® Mat is the only mat that can be hung to easily be washed or air dryed!  Don't put your face and hands on a bacteria infested mat.

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"Libby, it's a really good product. I've been practicing yoga for almost twenty years and I've used a lot of mats, towels, etc etc and this is by far the most comfortable and useful mat. Good for you."  Julia S.,  Yogi for 17 years, Mother of two, ACE-certified Group Instructor & Starbuckian-aholic  February 2012

"Please excuse my delay in responding to my satisfaction with my new extended mat.   In just a few words, it is awesome.  At 6”1” I actually fit on a yoga mat! Thank you, thank you! You have no idea what that means to me!

Not only is its size perfect, but the absorption rate is incredible and I cannot slip on it no matter how strenuous (breathing, smiling and relaxing all the way).  Seriously, thank you so much for this very special mat! Still love my wrist/knee savers, could not get thru Vinyasa without them.

Keep up the great innovations, you are truly providing a greatly needed service for all Yoga Practitioners."   Thomas Cory, Shambhala Warrior, Reiki Master / Teacher" November 2011

"I did receive your products on Friday and I used them yesterday when I did my yoga workout.  They are great!  We have a company “workout team” who does workout sessions in the evening in one of our conference rooms.  I gave the larger size to my colleague, Joseph, and together we were amazed at how much they helped with our yoga session.  I am completely sold!  Thank you for getting them out to us.  I also really liked how the yoga mat had lines drawn on it.  I often find myself working out and getting off the mat a bit but the lines helped to keep me on track." S. Forbes, 3B American Scientific, May 2009    

LassoTM Strap recommended by Therese Ikonian from the Adventure Network!  See video below:           



Best Non slip Yoga Mat with alignment lines and strap   Best Non slip Yoga Mat with alignment lines and strap   Best Non slip Yoga Mat with alignment lines and strap



Order Yoga Pilates Accessories and Gear on Line                   Best Non slip Yoga Mat with alignment lines and strap     Best Non slip Yoga Mat with alignment lines and strap      

*attachable strap is patent pending!