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Stick-e® Wrist Saver® Block is a traditional yoga block with additional functionality for wrist support, comfort and strength. 

The lightweight block with an internal handle optimizes wrist positioning during upper body weight bearing exercises, yoga poses and pushups. As a result, it provides better comfort and strength. 

It's stackable to enable deeper, more advanced range of motion on pushups and dips.  It's lightweight and stable to provide the extra prop needed for better control, alignment and stability during your yoga practice. 

Features and Benefits of the Stick-e® Wrist Saver® Block are:

  • light weight foam yoga block
  • internal handle to alleviate wrist discomfort
  • stackable for easier reach
  • allows for greater range of motion on pushups and dips
  • perfect for yoga, pilates and floor exercises
  • padded foam handle for comfort
  • helps prevent strain and injuries
  • Orthopedic surgeon approved recommended

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